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Table 3 Key recommendations to promote capacity for regional, rural comprehensive cancer control across the habits

From: Advancing engagement and capacity for rural cancer control: a mixed-methods case study of a Community-Academic Advisory Board in the Appalachia region of Southwest Virginia

Recommendations Associated Habits Time 2% (of 37) Time 3% (of 28)
Effective communi-cation Priority work plans Clear roles/ account-ability Shared decision making Value-added collaboration Empowering leadership Diversified funding
1. Use clear communication strategies to foster clarity and unified understanding within the CAB      65% 75%
2. Improve external communication strategies to promote CAB efforts        43% 64%
3. Strategically recruit new members for mission enhancement        38% 32%
4. Seek diverse funding to sustain CAB operations/work plan projects        35% 39%
5. Promote an open, equitable space for multiple perspectives      33% 25%
6. Develop formal processes to support CAB sustainability (e.g., funding capacity, accountability structures, collaborative action planning)       24% 29%
7. Expand pathways for members to obtain leadership roles and/or positions         14% 25%
8. Enhance perceptions of ownership in CAB efforts by CAB members and their respective organizations         11% 29%
9. Identify, secure, and leverage existing and needed CAB resources       11% 18%