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Table 2 PROM measures established during the expert panel meeting

From: Involving frail older patients in identifying outcome measures for transitional care—a feasibility study

  PROM Who? When?
1. Postdischarge questionnaire for relatives to fill in:
1. ‘Are you confident, that drugs are administered safely?’
2. ‘In your opinion, are the nutritional and fluid needs taken care of safely/properly?’
3. ‘Are you satisfied with the arrangements made?’
4. ‘Are you satisfied with the quality of the arrangements’
5. ‘Are the arrangements tailored to the patient’s needs? (Regarding circadian rhythm, individual hygiene requests, and flexibility in services)?’
6. ‘Are your tasks as relatives proper and fair?’
If no relatives are present, the nearest care provider or a friend may act as a proxy
After discharge
2. Existential reflections questionnaire:
1. Has the life situation been discussed at any point?
2. Do the patient and/or relatives wish to discuss the situation further?
3. Does the patient want to be admitted to hospital in the future? (Yes/no/depending on)
Patients and/or relatives together with Health care professionals (doctors) According to the patients and/or relatives wishes. Appropriate timing and setting is essential. Even so, the subject should be addressed during admission or discharge
3. Home facilities and assistive remedies questionnaire:
1. ‘Were the assistive remedies ready and in place at discharge?’
2. ‘Is the patient able to use the remedies?’
3. ‘Is the current home the right place?’
Relevant health care professionals
Shortly after care transition
4. The importance of having involved relatives:
1. ‘Were your relatives involved sufficiently and appropriately during the care transition?’
2. ‘Were you sufficiently and appropriately involved during your parent’s/ cohabitant partners’ care transition?’
During care transition
5. Other relevant outcome measures:
• Readmission/recurrence of illness
Researchers Postdischarge
6. • Caregiver burden questionnaire
• Quality of life questionnaire
• Loneliness questionnaire
Health care professionals together with patients and/or relatives After discharge
7. • Available treatment options should be pointed out in the discharge letter Doctors At discharge
  1. Abbreviations: PROM patient-reported outcome measures