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Table 2 Community sandpit at a glance

From: “We are not hard to reach, but we may find it hard to trust” …. Involving and engaging ‘seldom listened to’ community voices in clinical translational health research: a social innovation approach

Expressions of interest from community organizations 30
Number of community organisations selected to participate 15, selected by the Public Programmes team and GMBME, to ensure a broad representation of different communities of interest, geographical spread across Greater Manchester and experience of working on health issues
Number of creative practitioners taking part Six, including digital, visual, audio and spoken word media.
Number of researchers taking part Six, from the MBRC, MCRF, GM PSTRC, University of Manchester
Ideas for projects 14
Pitches funded Six (totaling £3100)
Projects subsequently receiving additional funding Four (including through Health and Primary Care commissioning and public engagement funding)