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Table 1 Summary of PVCR initiatives

From: “Could you give us an idea on what we are all doing here?” the Patient Voice in Cancer Research (PVCR) starting the journey of involvement in Ireland

Name Format Date
Placing Survivorship at the Heart of the Research Agenda Research laboratory tours & facilitated roundtable discussion (n = 100) 13–4-16
Creating the Roadmap Talks & designing a survey for patients to be involved in research (n = 65) 19–10-16
Is there a Clinical Trial for Me? Crowdsourcing Histopathological staining Talks & panel discussion (n = 85) 12–4-17
Workshop 1: Fund my Research; Workshop 2; Know my DNA Talks & interactive session on advanced diagnostics (n = 98) 11–4-18
Cancer laboratory tours - research in action Research laboratory tours (n = 65) 12–9-18
Have your Say - National Patient Experience Survey Facilitated workshop with the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI) (n = 53) 10–4-19
Streamlining participation in health research biobanks Facilitated workshop with National Biobank Working Group (n = 49) 9–10-19
Dragons’ Den - Involving Patients & Carers in Research Facilitated roundtables hosted by research groups in partnership with the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) UK (n = 93) 25–2-20