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Table 3 Main findings from the baseline survey

From: Co-creation and prototyping of an intervention focusing on health literacy in management of malaria at community-level in Ghana

Data source Needs Assessment Baseline Survey
Objective To assess health literacy needs and challenges in malaria management in the community
Stakeholders • Caregivers with children under 5 years
• Research assistants
• Researchers
Results • Out of the nine dimensions, two scales were selected based on the average mean score. Scale 1 Having Health Provider Support (2.44) and Scale 7 Navigating Health System (3.33)
• On the management of malaria, 96% of caregivers had knowledge on the main symptom of malaria (fever); 23%; 47% of caregivers had children with recent episode of malaria and their treatment sources included 69% self-treatment; 31% hospital treatment and 0.3% did nothing as their first response to the disease. Most important challenge identified was seeking the right treatment source.
  1. Detailed information on all scales is reported elsewhere