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Table 1 Nominal group steps common across both meetings

From: Using nominal group technique to advance power assisted exercise equipment for people with stroke

Step Activity
One Introductions, NGT objectives and ground rules. Summary of the nine machines presented by lead author through PowerPoint software
Two Question one: ‘What does an assistive exercise machine need to do to allow the person with stroke to engage in exercise?’
Three Attendees write their list of ideas in silence
Four Attendees invited in turn to share aloud their ideas, taking it in turns to offer one idea at a time from their written list until all the ideas were shared. Field notes documented on flipchart by RY
Five Group discussion and merging of topics
Six Question two: ‘Which machines would you prioritise for use with PwS?’
Seven Attendees consider their options in silence
Eight Attendees provided with 10 vouchers each. They were asked to allocate the vouchers across any number of machines and can indicate strength of preference through number of vouchers allocated. The machines were represented on A4 photographs laid out on the table