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Table 2 Adaptations of PPI activities with adults and carers with lived experience of self-harm and/ or suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic

From: Challenges and adaptations to public involvement with marginalised groups during the COVID-19 pandemic: commentary with illustrative case studies in the context of patient safety research

Activity Adaptations
Before PPI meetings Consider adapting well-being plans when designing remote meetings and presentations
Give PPI contributors different involvement options (e.g. via video conferencing or through the chat mode, via telephone)
During PPI meetings Have an “open door” policy where PPI contributors can exit sections of the meeting that they may find distressing but can return for the next section of the meeting
Have two facilitators- one who chairs the meeting, another who checks in with PPI contributors via the chat function
Check in with PPI contributors who turn their camera off or exit the meeting
After PPI meetings Do well-being checks with PPI contributors within 24 h of meetings