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Table 1 The outcomes and impacts of feedback from a patient and public involvement consultation group

From: More than just ticking a box…how patient and public involvement improved the research design and funding application for a project to evaluate a cycling intervention for hip osteoarthritis

Theme Feedback received (outcomes) Action taken (impacts)
Design Participants were concerned about randomised controlled trial design Methodological importance of randomised controlled trial design will be highlighted in Patient Information Sheet
Inclusion of a qualitative component suggested This was initially incorporated into the research design but was later removed in favour of an economic evaluation due to funding constraints
Intervention Programme not long enough Extended from six to eight weeks
Leisure centre location was ideal Will remain in leisure centre
More time for questions/group discussion required Incorporated into intervention
Further supplementary material required Incorporated into intervention
Exercise diary was useful and motivational Confirmed inclusion in intervention
Research materials Data collection tools deemed appropriate and not burdensome The same data collection tools will be used in the proposed study
A questionnaire for self-efficacy unnecessary Was not included
Main outcome of interest Pain/Oxford Hip Score to be primary outcome and later confirmation of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) Due to being considered a higher quality measure than the Oxford Hip Score in a recent Cochrane review [23], WOMAC was chosen as the primary outcome. Its appropriateness was confirmed by the Patient Advisory Group.
Dissemination Suggested General Practitioners, scientific journals, media including radio important Have been incorporated into dissemination plan
  1. Feedback received from a patient and public involvement consultation group in Bournemouth, 2014 and how it has been incorporated into the design of a research project and funding application to evaluate a cycling and education intervention in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis