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Table 6 Types of involvement implemented, barriers identified and types of awareness-raising reported by respondents since attending workshops

From: Consumer and community involvement in health and medical research: evaluation by online survey of Australian training workshops for researchers

  Number of responses
Types of participation implemented  
Consultation with reference/advisory group or forum 13
Engagement with community representative or advocate in planning and research design 7
Involving consumers and community members in general 5
Commenced planning/considering future engagement 4
Sought advice from consumer advocates/other experts 3
Introduced policies/improved awareness in workplace 3
Consumer on study team 1
Barriers identified  
Constraints in workplace 4
Too early to determine/intend to implement engagement 4
Time pressures 3
Challenges in research/other priorities 2
Lack of funds 1
Types of awareness-raising  
Initiated support or engagement activities 13
Had discussions with or informed colleagues 11
Attended or presented on participation at events 5
Recommended consumer advocates or experts 4
Encountered difficulties in increasing awareness 4
Awareness already existed 4