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Table 1 Planned activities related to the three phases in ECLIPSE

From: Patient and public involvement in patient safety research: a workshop to review patient information, minimise psychological risk and inform research

Phase Research methods Patient involvement, participation & engagement
1) Point-prevalence study Quantitative observational point-prevalence study of intravenous infusions, at 16 hospital sites
In-depth discussions with key staff at participating sites to understand practices
First patient and public involvement workshop to review patient information sheets for Phases 1 and 2; and explore potential topics for investigation in Phase 2
2) In-depth observational study Follow up ethnographic study of a subsample of participating sites to explore practices in more detail Interview patient participants on wards about their intravenous infusion experiences at different sites
3) Recommendations and summary reporting Dialogue with participating hospitals to jointly identify and communicate recommendations for best practice Second patient and public involvement workshop to reflect on the results and discuss dissemination