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Table 1 Resulting alterations from the fora

From: The consultation of rugby players in co-developing a player health study: feasibility and consequences of sports participants as research partners

Player’s Suggestion Change resulting from player involvement
Use event markers Event markers created for some questions, such as ‘How often were you concussed?’ becoming ‘How often were you removed from play due to concussion?’ to minimize recall bias.
Use ratios for incidence Categories of ‘every (n) games’ to assess the incidence of more frequent injuries.
Long-term outcomes associated with other sports or injuries being separate from rugby Categories of training, playing and non-rugby created for each injury reported.
Save and come back later Players are now able to save information and re-enter the platform at a later point in time, to assist with sections such as Family History where this information may not be immediately available.
Reorder in order of importance Current pains and primary outcome sections were placed earlier in the questionnaire.
Alter occupation categories An additional category was added so players can put ‘professional sports player’ which previously would have had to be ‘skilled manual worker’.
Include mental health status Questions on anxiety and depression were added as players felt that this was relevant and that it would not act as a deterrent for participation