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Table 1 Features of wearable activity devices tested

From: Tea, talk and technology: patient and public involvement to improve connected health ‘wearables’ research in dementia

Device Steps Sleep Heart rate Waterproof Display Mounts Retail price (approx.) Battery life
Axivity AX3 N/Aa N/Aa X None Wrist, belt £99 30 days
Fitbit Charge HR (continuous) X Digital Wrist £120 5 days
MOTO 360   (on demand) X Digital Wrist £175 24 h
Garmin Vívofit 2 (on demand) Digital Wrist £90 1 year
Misfit Speedo Shine X Dial Wrist, magnetic clasp £60 6 months
Withings Activité Pop X Analogue Wrist £120 8 months
Withings Pulse Ox (on demand) X Digital Wrist, belt £70 2 weeks
  1. aOutputs are raw, unprocessed data, so require further analysis to convert into discernible states and activities