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Table 2 Direct costs of PPI in the research project

From: Patient involvement in the development of a psychosocial cancer rehabilitation intervention: evaluation of a shared working group with patients and researchers

Item Cost description
Research assistant
 Meeting preparation 3 h × 4 meetings
 Meeting participation 4 h × 4 meetings
 Writing meeting summary 2 h × 4 meetings
Participants (5 patient representatives and 4 researchers)
 Meeting preparationa 1 h × 4 meetings
 Meeting participationa 4 h × 4 meetings
 Meeting room at Aarhus University, Denmarkb With av-equipment and suitable arrangement
 Dinner 10 persons × 4 meetings
 Coffee and cake 10 persons × 4 meetings
 Name tags 10 pcs
 Folders 10 pcs
 Copies of slides 10 copies × 4 meetings
 Other Post-its, pens, notepads
  1. aPatient representatives were offered compensation for transportation costs, but none of them accepted the offer because all lived within 20 km from the venue. Furthermore, patient representatives were not payed for their participation in the SWG as well as researchers were not offered overtime payment
  2. bThe meeting room was available without additional cost for the project