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Table 2 Research Groups 2017

From: Meet the researchers: an alternative method of engaging patients with research in mesothelioma

Group 1 Organic chemistry JHMRF PhD Fellowship: A structure-activity study of JBIR-23 to determine the components required for activity against mesothelioma cell lines.
Group 2 Patient Research Ambassador Patient and Public Involvement in research
Group 3 Clinical research JHMRF funded project: SYSTEMS 2 A trial of radiotherapy for pain control in mesothelioma.
Group 4 Surgical research MARS2: A feasibility study comparing (Extended) Pleurectomy Decortication versus no Pleurectomy Decortication in patients with mesothelioma. Funded by Cancer Research UK and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
Group 5 Thoracic Oncology Immunotherapy of MPM by blockade of suppressor intratumoural Treg: target identification
Group 6 Cell Biology JHMRF PhD Fellowship: Understanding the pathogenesis of mesothelioma.
Group 7 Applied Research RADIOMESO: Receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma: improving the patient experience. Funded by Mesothelioma UK