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Table 1 Facing Shadows: workshop plan day 1

From: Facing Shadows: working with young people to coproduce a short film about depression

09.45 15 m Arrival, settling in, coffee etc.…
10.00 20 m Welcome and introductions, housekeeping, confidentiality, why we’re here
10.20 15 m Ice breaker/warm-up activity
10.35 15 m Animation: rationale, the possibilities/limitations, techniques, preferences, anonymity, discussion (LH show a range of illustrative examples).
10.50 15 m Introductory exploration, discussion of the themes.
11.05 75 m Visualising depression: metaphors, make flip books but also list/store ideas
12.20 40 m Lunch
13.00 30 m Intro to the afternoon. Exercise to consider helpful/unhelpful responses to depression – draw/write
13.30 60 m Round table – therapy: expectations vs reality, concerns, language, environment, therapist, timing etc.
14.30 20 m Experience of therapy: writing exercise, spread out on floor/ table, assorted paper & pens, write as many/few memories of therapy without pause or block
14.50 10 m Break
15.00 60 m In parallel: 1. Individually/pairs draw aspect of therapy environment (clinic, consultation room, waiting room?); 2. In pairs, with AD, film portraits
16.00 15 m Round up, reflect, review, questions, concerns/problems, day 2 intro
16.15   LH to test acetate, paint with projector