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Table 4 A summary of the BRIGHTLIGHT programme of research

From: Involving young people in BRIGHTLIGHT from study inception to secondary data analysis: insights from 10 years of user involvement

Aspect of evaluation Study design
Workstream 1: What is specialist care?
 Identify the competence of healthcare professionals delivering care to TYA International e-Delphi study [31]
 Describe the culture of TYA cancer care and define ‘age-appropriate care’ Multi-case study across 4 networks of care (involving 24 NHS Trusts in England) [21]
 Develop a measure quantifying access to specialist TYA cancer care Analysis of NHS HES Admitted Patient Care data
Workstream 2: Does specialist care make a difference
 Determine the outcomes associated with TYA cancer care Longitudinal cohort study using a bespoke survey [23] administered 5 times over 3 years from 6 months after diagnosis
 Determine carers experience of TYA cancer care Unmet needs questionnaire administered to young people’s main carer nominated at wave 1
Workstream 3: How much does specialist care cost?
 Calculate the cost of TYA cancer care Young person administered health economics questionnaires for out of pocket costs, analysis of clinical and HES data
  1. HES Hospital Episode Statistics, NHS National Health Service, TYA teenage and young adult