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Table 3 Examples of feedback provided by the group to researchers, taken from the minutes of the meetings

From: The Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) data linkage service user and carer advisory group: creating and sustaining a successful patient and public involvement group to guide research in a complex area

Questions Will the research look at causes as well as treatment?
  The group asked about the links between self-harm and suicide attempts and how this was being included in the project.
  The group asked whether the study was including sources of patient self-reports?
Feedback Focusing on medication as treatment alone is too limited. There is a whole social aspect that feeds into the experience of mental health patients.
  The group felt that there were key points in life that would be interesting to focus on. In particular individuals aged between 16 and 24.
  The group raised the issue of non-disclosure that may impact on the records that were being reviewed.
Opinions Members of the group felt that the aim of the project is of significant public interest.
  Child mental health services were recognised as an important area for studies to take place because of the possibility of intervening early in life to prevent problems later.
  The group thought that as well as informing young people, parents should also be the focus for any communications.