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Table 2 Structure of co-production workshops

From: Co-producing a shared understanding and definition of empowerment with people with dementia

Guidance Notes for Workshop Facilitators
1. Presentation of the background to the study
2. Discussion on what is means to be a co-researcher and what we would like co-produce (namely, to develop a definition of empowerment that would be relevant and meaningful to PWD)
3. Results from literature search
4. Structured exercise consisting of the following instructions:
 - You will each be given a set of cards with different words that have been associated with ‘empowerment’ in the dementia literature
 - We would like you to take some time to read through these cards and select (up to) five words that you think best describe empowerment
 - We have also given you some blank cards – you might choose to write down some other words to describe empowerment
 - We will then have a group discussion to help come up with a definition of empowerment
Note. Following these instructions, members were shown the list of constructs and associated empowerment terms identified from the Phase 1 literature search.