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Fig. 6

From: Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research

Fig. 6

a and b: Anxiety for Alex P. Legend 6a: This bridge represents a connection between the state of mind that I am in when I struggle with depression and anxiety and the clarity and safety that I experience when I am calm. The water underneath the bridge mirrors the unpredictable, unwelcome, and often dangerous effects that anxiety places in my life. Although I don’t always see the water, I know it is a short distance underneath me at all times. The bridge is my barrier between anxiety and peace. To me, this safety barrier is created by my girlfriend, friends, and family who offer me guidance and love through very trying times. Additionally, I know I can rely on the strong, material structure of the bridge. Just like the planks of wood that keep me above water, physical activity, hard work, and hobbies bring me consistency, satisfaction, and power over my anxiety. Regardless of what creates the bridge, the absence of one leads to a downfall and terrifying cycle of stress. “Anxiety has unpredictable, unwelcome, and often dangerous effects on my life”. Legend 6b: For many It can be easy to dwell on the days that are particularly challenging without recognizing or appreciating the good days. This picture represents the majority of days that I have with anxiety in that there are many days where the steps in front of me look insurmountable. One of the rare benefits of anxiety that I have experienced is that the bad days with anxiety help me to really appreciative the days where I am stress free. On the good days I am at the top of these steps looking down at the beautiful view. “I appreciate the good days a lot”

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