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Table 1 Overview and the PTE five step process

From: Group based video-conferencing for adults with depression: findings from a user-led qualitative data analysis using participatory theme elicitation

PTE five step process*
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
Data SelectionCapacity BuildingData SortingData GroupingAnalysis and Interpretation
Selection of representative quotes from qualitative dataTraining of co-researchersSorting quotes into pilesNetwork analysis of user pilesGroup discussion and review of network diagram and groupings
Time taken to complete: 2-3 h**Time taken to complete: 2 hTime taken to complete: 2 hTime taken to complete: 5–10 minTime taken to complete: 2 h
  1. *There are no prescribed time limits within any of the five steps
  2. **These times are representative of the current project only but may serve as a useful guide