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Table 1 Key themes

From: Between funder requirements and ‘jobbing scientists’: the evolution of patient and public involvement in a mental health biomedical research centre - a qualitative study

Funder Facing Documents Interviews and internal documents
 1) Progressive embedding of PPI in research through dedicated personnel • Increasing momentum in PPI in research
• Embedding PPI with limited capacity: “a thin resource that has to be targeted”
 2) Innovative methods aligning PPI to BRC research agenda • PPI can improve research design in support of the BRC’s objectives
• The “biomedical agenda” shapes and constrains involvement
 3) Progressive embedding of PPI in governance • The pull of institutional inertia
4) Recognition of mental health service users as research partners
• Collaboration legitimises mental health service user voice for academic/professionals
• Limits to recognition: selective inclusion and the paradox of the insider/outsider