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Table 5 Overview of the outcomes and impacts of patient engagement in this evaluation study

From: Giving patients a voice: a participatory evaluation of patient engagement in Newfoundland and Labrador Health Research

Positive outcomes and impacts of patient engagement Negative outcomes and impacts (or challenges) of patient engagement
The evaluation study is conducted in areas patients’ value Challenge for the evaluation team to select evaluation questions relevant to all stakeholder groups
Patients influence decision-making and dissemination of evaluation findings Reduced efficiency, increased time and resources
Increased transparency, applicability and validation of the evaluation findings Struggle to find relevant measurement tools, extra time needed to adapt exiting tools to local needs
Learning about the variety of perspectives on evaluation of patient engagement, questions and evaluation objectives (all) Tension between the scientific rigour and practical relevance for the community (researchers)
Increased understanding of research and confidence to speak up in other research projects (patient partners)  
Increased motivation to become involved in future research and evaluation studies (patient partners)  
Learning about research and evaluation, capacity building (patient partners)  
Increased understanding of co-designing an evaluation study and confidence that patients can be good co-investigators (researchers)  
Increased motivation to evaluate patient engagement (researchers)  
Fun experience (all)