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Table 3 Example of the content analysis process

From: What makes it work? Exploring experiences of patient research partners and researchers involved in a long-term co-creative research collaboration

Meaning unitCodeSub-categoryCategory
It has been good that the researchers have been there to develop a framework and to move the dialogue on.A thought-through and clear structureClear yet accommodating structureElements of success
I think it’s important that we have this openness and freedom. That you, that everyone feels that you contribute when you can, and as much as you can, without demanding too much from the individual.Voluntary participation
It’s exciting that there are so many people that can think and feel so much. Still, I do think we can have rather different views. It often goes rather “smoothly” but it can also be a bit, that you have different opinions about things, and I think it’s fascinating that it still works so well.Different views are expressed and handledOpen and trustworthy atmosphere
Well, we have this follow-up every six months to see how things have been going, and the issues that you have suggested to maybe change or keep, that this has actually been done. So, it’s nice to see that what you say at the gatherings actually helps.Feedback on how the input is usedInput made a difference