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Table 3 First round survey priorities by respondent type

From: Prioritising target non-pharmacological interventions for research in Parkinson’s disease: achieving consensus from key stakeholders

Key non-motor symptomsProfessionals top three interventionsPeople with Parkinson’s top three interventions
Stress and anxiety1. Cognitive behavior therapy1. Cognitive behavior therapy
2. Mindfulness2. Stress management
3. Stress management3. Mindfulness
Dementia1. Cognitive skills training1. Cognitive skills training
2. Lifestyle management strategies2. Carer support
3. Carer support3. Compassion focused therapy
Mild thinking and memory problems1. Cognitive skills training1. Cognitive skills training
2. Acceptance and commitment therapy2. Cognitive behavior therapy
3. Stress management3. Physical activity
Quality of sleep1. Sleep hygiene1. Physical activity
2. Cognitive behavior therapy2. Sleep hygiene
3. Self-management3. Mindfulness
Urinary problems1. Self-management1. Self-management
2. Lifestyle management2. Lifestyle management
3. Carer support3. Carer support