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Table 2 CMO configurations from the realist evaluation

From: Realist evaluation of public engagement and involvement in data-intensive health research

Configuration Title Details
1 Valuing the portfolio as a tool to record and evidence activities When members value the portfolio as a record of achievement (C), personal motivation to record and map transferable skills (M), facilitated enhanced skillset, especially in newly acquired skills (O)
2 Valuing the portfolio as a tool to facilitate reflective practice When female members had previous experience of using reflective practice in a professional capacity (C), the personal motivation to adopt reflective practice to supports ones’ personal development (M) led to enhanced self-confidence and self-awareness (O)
3 Valuing portfolio as a guiding framework When participants had a positive perception of the portfolio as a guiding framework (C) there was a willingness to use the portfolio (C). This ultimately enabled reflective practice (M) which enhanced reflective experiential practice, critical thinking and improved communication skills(O)