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Table 4 Scenes from There is a Light: BRIGHTLIGHT

From: BRIGHTLIGHT researchers as ‘dramaturgs’: creating There is a Light from complex research data

Act Scene
Diagnosis Being told you have cancer
Young people’s right to be involved in decisions
Impact of finding out a parent has cancer
Misdiagnosis 1
Reflection on having childhood cancer
Misdiagnosis 2
After the shock Young people excluded from research
Undergoing treatment for cervical cancer
Consultation with the GP
Sensitive conversations with parents present
NHS versus private healthcare
Inequality in access to young person-specific cancer care
Developing and maintaining relationships when you have cancer
Support Young person-related services provided in specialist units and inequalities in accessing these
Importance of carers
Death Experience of losing a friend to cancer
In memory of people the cast have lost
Survival Reflections on being cured
  1. GP General practitioner