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Table 5 Performance schedule in 2017 for There is a Light

From: BRIGHTLIGHT researchers as ‘dramaturgs’: creating There is a Light from complex research data

Date Venue Location Audience Attendance Panel discussion
8-10th March S!CK Festival Contact Theatre, Manchester General public 325 All three performance
12th March S!CK Festival Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton General public 43 Yes
6th April Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Annual International Nursing Research Conference Oxford University, Oxford Nurses ≈200 Yes
9th April Homegrown Festival Battersea Arts Centre, London General public 100 Yes
7th November National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Annual Conference Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool Multidisciplinary cancer professionals and consumers (patients and carers) 160 Yes
17-19th November Chrysalis Festival Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh General public 339 Matinee only
25th November Find Your Sense of Tumour (FYSOT), patient residential event St Georges Park, Birmingham Young people with cancer 210 Yes