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Table 5 Relationship building challenges and strategies reported by investigators and research partners

From: Researchers, patients, and other stakeholders’ perspectives on challenges to and strategies for engagement

Relationship building
  General Challenge General Strategy Examples of Specific Strategies
Investigators • Establishing positive relationships with affected communities
• Extending authentic invitations to potential partners with diverse perspectives
• Strengthen relationships with affected communities
• Ensure participation of partners with diverse perspectives
• Develop relationships with advocacy organizations to build community trust and to identify and invite partners
• Increase community awareness about research areas and funded studies by posting on community-oriented blogs, discussion boards, and social media sites
• Integrate breakout sessions by language group
• Set meeting agendas where the historically least represented or most marginalized groups speak first and last
Investigators and partners • Ensuring partner and research team cohesion • Engage partners early and consistently
• Orient, train, and build capacity
• Develop project roadmaps to describe phase of the project and where the team and work are headed
• Hold pre-meetings with patient and caregiver partners to prepare
• Create mentoring opportunities for partners
Partners None described • Connect partners to the research team • Have face-to-face social gatherings in addition to project-oriented meetings
• Create resource with all team and partners’ photos and biographies