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Table 2 Example of dividing a sentence to reduce sentence length

From: Preparing accessible and understandable clinical research participant information leaflets and consent forms: a set of guidelines from an expert consensus conference

Long sentences

Shorter sentences

If you agree to participate, you will be requested to have an extra 5 ml of blood (1 tablespoon) taken at the 2 h timepoint of your glucose tolerance test, and for this extra blood to be analysed for some hormones which are not usually tested (insulin, c peptide and cortisol.

(1 sentence, 49 words)

If you agree to take part, we will take an extra 5 ml of blood (1 tablespoon). We will take this blood at the 2-h timepoint of your glucose tolerance test. This blood will be checked for some hormones which we don’t usually test for (insulin, c-peptide and cortisol).

(3 sentences; 16, 14, 18 words respectively; total of 48 words)