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Table 3 Participant Survey Feedback Form

From: Evaluating human-centred design for public health: a case study on developing a healthcare app with refugee communities

At the co-design session … Strongly disagree Disagree Neither disagree nor agree Agree Strongly agree N/A
1 The group work felt collaborative       
2 My contribution was valued       
3 People attended who do not usually have representation (i.e. people with refugee and migrant backgrounds, people with diverse sexual orientation, people experiencing health accessibility issues)       
4 The voices of refugee and/or migrant end users were heard       
5 The roles and responsibilities of my participation were clearly defined       
6 I understood both the processes and the language used       
7 My time participating was compensated appropriately       
8 There was a commitment by Shifra staff to develop consensus on what the end product should include       
9 All co-designers were kept informed of any changes       
10 I felt respected by Shifra staff       
11 I felt respected by all co-design partners       
12 Shifra staff offered me an opportunity for skill development and capability building       
13 Shifra staff offered me co-design training and resources       
14 There were strategies to involve people with different communication needs       
15 There was enough time to allow relationship building       
16 Shifra staff made attempts to reduce any power imbalance (e.g. between health professionals and refugees)       
17 I felt safe sharing my opinions       
18 Refugee and/or migrant end users helped shape the common agenda       
19 I would participate in another co-design session with Shifra staff       
20 I would encourage others to participate in a co-design session with Shifra staff       
21 I see my ideas and contributions reflected in the final Shifra website/app       
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