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Table 4 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Evaluating human-centred design for public health: a case study on developing a healthcare app with refugee communities


Could you elaborate on how you felt your contribution to the co-design sessions was (or was not) recognised and valued?


Were there stakeholders who were not represented at the co-design sessions? If so, who else should have been invited?


Was there any confusion regarding your role, the processes or any language barriers at the co-design sessions that could have been made simpler/easier to understand? If so, what were these?


Were there ways that the Shifra team or other participants made you feel respected or disrespected/unwelcome during this co-design experience?


Do you feel that any power imbalances between co-design participants were addressed e.g. do you feel that your opinion mattered and that it was safe for you to communicate your thoughts and experiences if you wanted to?


How could this co-design experience be improved in the future?


Do you have any other feedback you wish to share?