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Table 1 Additional information “Dit vind ik ervan!”

From: How to foster successful implementation of a patient reported experience measurement in the disability sector: an example of developing strategies in co-creation

“Dit vind ik ervan!” (DVIE) (This is how I feel about it! In English) is a measurement that uses an investigating dialogue between the care-user and professional to explore experiences with received care [27]. DVIE is developed bottom-up as a practice based approach by disability care organizations in the Netherlands. During the dialogue ten themes derived from the domains of Schalock can be discussed; feelings, body, family, friends, participation, help, house, doing, decisions and feeling safe [28]. DVIE starts with the dialogue which enables to reach the full scope of the experiences of quality of life. During the dialogue, a set of visual cards can be used to explore experiences with the ten themes. Then care-users rank their experience on a five-point-scale from bad to perfect and indicate if they like a change. In a two-day (10 hours) training professionals are instructed to use DVIE.