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Table 2 Features of projects in Partners’ Priority Programme (PPP) rounds 1 and 2

From: The value of involving patients and public in health services research and evaluation: a qualitative study

PPP round Project title No. people from partner organization No. academic facilitators No. public advisors
First Evaluation of Liverpool GP specification (a quality contract) upon the key areas of healthcare activity, quality of general practice, and patient experience over a 10-year period 4 2 2
Delivery of high quality primary care at scale and improving access in Blackburn and Darwin 2 1 1
Evaluation of clinical decision-making in the use of inpatient mental health beds, Cheshire Wirral Partnership NHS Trust 4 1 1
Identification of factors that contribute to emergency re-admissions to hospital for older patients having received inpatient rehabilitative care (Better Care Now, Blackpool Teaching Hospital) 2 1 2
Evaluation of the impacts of the Knowsley CVD service, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. 3 1 2
Evaluation of the impacts of the Knowsley COPD service, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. 3 1 1
To explore the impacts of a system-wide diabetes care partnership, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership. 3 1 1
Evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of each Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), Community Health Services, East Lancashire. 1 1 3
To map existing service provision and coordination across social care, primary care, and the community and explore accessibility of patient/carer self-management/education, Clatterbridge –Wirral Hospital Trust. 2 1 1
Evaluation of a community integrated mental health and physical health service, 5 Boroughs NHS Partnership Mental Health Services. 2 1 1
Evaluation of the impacts of multi-disciplinary integrated Community Care Teams (CCTs), Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG). 2 2 1
Second To explore service users’ experiences of the personality disorders hub and its impact on their overall mental health and wellbeing, Liverpool Mersey Care 3 1 4
Evaluation of the impacts of the Life Rooms on the recovery of Mersey Care service users, Liverpool Mersey Care. 1 2 1
To gain an insight into the experience of service users admitted to an inpatient psychiatric ward, Cheshire Wirral Partnership NHS Trust. 6 2 1
Overarching evaluation framework for public health mental health and wellbeing interventions, Public Health England. 5 2 1
Evaluation of the Youth Information and Counselling (YIAC) Model, Liverpool CCG). 2 1 3
Evaluation of the STEP (Succeed, Thrive, Empower Pennine) Service, Blackburn with Darwin CCG and Blackburn with Darwin Council. 5 2 2
Evaluation of Sefton public sector reform programme; early intervention & prevention (EIP), and community connector project, Sefton Council, Liverpool. 2 2 2
Evaluating of advice on prescription (social prescribing service): providing income maximisation advice in primary care settings, Liverpool CCG 3 1 2
Evaluation of a program to enhance wellbeing and quality of Life in Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patients, The Walton Centre, Liverpool 2 2 1
Evaluation of Wigan Later Life and Memory Service (LLAMS) – improving young onset dementia (YOD) services, North West Boroughs NHS Trust 1 2 2
Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) working in Integrated Care, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital 1 2 3
Evaluation of the use of home phototherapy as a treatment for physiological jaundice, Liverpool Women’s Hospital 2 2 1
Evaluation of Telehealth for COPD: Re-design of respiratory services in Liverpool, Liverpool CCG 2 1 2
Evaluation of a programme for early supported discharge of well, late preterm babies, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 9 1 2