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Table 5 Results from Individual Interviews

From: Co-creation and prototyping of an intervention focusing on health literacy in management of malaria at community-level in Ghana

Data source

Individual interviews


• To gain insight on existing malaria community programmes, challenges and strengths


• District health promotion officer

• District disease control officer

• District health director


The health administrators shared that:

• the community case malaria programme has been put on hold for the past 2 years due to logistics on medical supply; “they brought the medicine for them to use and after the medicine was finished, that was the end of the programme, they did not receive any thing for the treatment, the challenges had to deal with the logistics that were never supplied.” Health administrator1

• Social gatherings like churches or child welfare clinics appropriate for malaria programmes; “I think for a health literacy programme, we have to use the community health nurses, because you know the mothers will bring their children for weigh-in if nothing at all, for immunization.” Health administrator 2

• Non-functional but existing mother support groups

• Possible use of social media applications for health education.