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Table 1 RFAC goals and objectives

From: The Research Family Advisory Committee: the patient and family view of implementing a research-focused patient engagement strategy

1. Promote the active engagement of patients and families, including but not limited to research advisors, throughout the research process including:
 (a) Identification of research priorities
 (b) Development of research ideas
 (c) Development of research methodology
 (d) Review of research findings
 (e) Dissemination of research findings
2. Provide input on research proposals, including their child and family-centeredness and their strategies for patient and family engagement
3. Facilitate the placement of research advisors on research teams
4. Offer educational opportunities to research advisors to enhance their understanding of the research process
5.. Offer educational offerings to researchers on the role of research advisors on research teams
6. Provide forums for dialogue between patients, families, and researchers
7. Promote awareness of the value of research and participation in research among patients and their families
8. Establish standards related to high-quality patient and family engagement in research