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Editorial Board

Sophie Staniszewska, Warwick Research in Nursing, University of Warwick, UK
Richard Stephens, Involved and engaged patient, UK

Associate Editor
Amanda Roberts, Involved and engaged patient, UK
Miriam Santer, University of Southampton, UK

Editorial Board
Adewale Adebajo, University of Sheffield, UK
John Amanya, National Care Centre, Uganda
Peter Beresford, OBE Brunel University London, Shaping Our Lives, UK
Louca-Mai Brady, University of the West of England, UK
Neil Churchill. NHS England, UK
Sally Crowe, Crowe Associates Ltd, UK
Simon Denegri, INVOLVE, National Institute for Health Research, UK
Krysia Dziedzic, Keele University, UK
Stuart Eglin, University of Liverpool, UK
Jim Elliott, Health Research Authority, UK
Andrew Entwistle, MBE various organisations working on health and social care research, UK
David Evans, Universisty of the West of England, UK
Karen Facey, University of Glasgow, UK
Francesco Florindi, Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure Consortium, Belgium
Pete Fleischmann, Social Care Institute for Excellence, UK
Laura Forsythe, PCORI, USA
Jan Geissler, Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation, Switzerland
Joanna Groves, UK
Gary Hickey, INVOLVE, National Institute for Health Research, UK
Sophie Hill, La Trobe University, Australia
Achim Kautz, Leberhilfe Projekt gUG, Germany
Jorge Laucirica, Health communication practitioner, Canada
Eric Low, Myeloma UK, UK
Yoshi Majima, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Japan 
Rachel Matthews, Imperial College London, UK
Mary Nettle, Mental health user consultant, UK
Chirk Jenn Ng, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Jack Nunn, Australia
Ann Single, Change for ME Inc, Australia
Jackie Street, University of Adelaide, Australia
Janet Wale, Patient advocate, Australia
Sophie Werkö, The Swedish Council for Technology Assessment in Health Care, Sweden
Patricia Wilson, University of Kent, UK
Roger Wilson, CBE Involved and engaged patient, UK
Philippa Yeeles, NIHR Central Commissioning Facility, UK

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    71 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only
    52 days to first decision for all manuscripts
    141 days from submission to acceptance
    27 days from acceptance to publication

    2290 Altmetric mentions